Landscape designer

Tempest Production is a small five man team building a survival MMO. Recent schedule adjustments has us searching for an addition to our team to help create the landscape for our demo level and, ultimately, for the remainder of our project. While it may be needed, specific mesh creation is likely unnecessary, but the resource efficient placement of trees, grass, stones, debris is needed for a small demo level (marketing purposes) and a much much larger tiled gaming environment.

We are not adverse to offering this position to someone, or a few people, skilled who is inexperienced and looking for an opportunity to show what they can do. If you have the skills, the time, the internet access, the dedication and the desire to create something Tempest Productions is interested.

This is a royalty position where an agreement must be in place before full access is permitted. This is a legally registered project with many components constructed.

Requirements: Artistic skill, time to communicate (website, IM) , time to work on the project each day, dedication to the completion of the project and team, solid internet connectivity (Perfoce P4 collaboration), and the ability to laugh and enjoy the experience of creating something.

If interested contact me here (either in this post or via private message) or email at and I will answer any questions, provide examples of the quality we are looking for, and if all goes well, introduce you to the team.