Landscape Demo Material Break down request

I was wondering if there was any detailed documentation, or videos on the new Landscape demo, specifically the landscape material. I create environments in other engines with world machine. I am trying to readjust my pipeline and learn the material system, seeing an explaination and breakdown of that material would help drastically.

I second this. The material system is insanely complex and the docs have nothing like that in them, so having a breakdown would be incredibly useful.

Last weeks Twitch stream went over it a bit and why it was done the way it was with the materials. It’s only a few minutes but should help you understand. Ryan does a good job of showing off the Landscape Demo.

Ryan mentioned in the video that there were a few different ways to pull off landscape materials, and one of which was using the make attributes node so you could make your material and have the diff/spec/roughness all in one output pin. I’ve been wondering if that was possible for quite some time, but I’ve not seen an example of it done yet.

Hi JamesEmory

Here are two screenshots with my material setup, hope this helps :wink:
It is an simple Material setup, nothing special.

The First one is an Material Function:

And here the second one, my Landscape Material

I don´t know if this is a good solution, but it works for me.

I usually output a bunch of maps from world machine, I make a colormap with baked lighting. I then get a bunch of black and white masks for various texture coverage. I would then bring in a global color map over the whole terrain, and then use the black and white masks to select areas for various texture coverage. I am not sure how to pull this off with the material system.

Here is what the terrain looks like in world machine-

I use splatmap in WorldMachine.
My first try with terrain i use the splatmap directly in the material editor with the uv size from the map. I ran into issues when in try to paint on the terrain.
In my second try i made 4 “textures” from the splatmap, Red, Green, Blue and Alpha and save them under “Greyscale 8bit png”. This splatmap i import into the LayerInfo.

That is what I had planned on doing, but my materials are always massive, so I was wondering how well everything would work together. What I saw Epic do and one other user was very similar, but they somehow had their material setup so that they had a splatmap or something similar and it would assign your textures according to said splatmap and you could still paint. I’m looking forward to figuring that out.

Select the Landscape actor.
Go to the paint section.
Right click on one of your layer names and select “Import Layer Info”
Choose your splatmap for the texture.

Really? That’s it? Wow.

You have to split your texture in 4 Grayscale Textures. One for each channel (Red, Green, Blue and Alpha) and save it as an PNG 8bit Grayscale.
Then you can import it on the LayerInfo.
Just play arround with Brightness and Contrast on each Layer Texture to get it how you want it :wink:

Yeah I think I saw Shoiko do that in one of his videos, so I’ll be sure to do that. I have my WM terrain in the engine already but we still have some edits to make to it and then we’re going to export the .raw file out of UE and back into WM so I can make the splat map.

I have also been looking at the MoutineDemo Material and I was wondering if you had a Colormap from WM how would you build this into mountine material.
Can anybodypost an example? When using Colormap you use grayscale detail textures RGB|A channels (grass,snow,etc) Can you also add
third material MF_RB_Land_LayerSample_02 for eg. Dirt? In some Landscape materials you would need to set LandscapeTexturenode size for the Texture eg. 1009x1009 I also didn’t notice this in the material example. Do you need to set this up?