Landscape Creation and Water actors

Hey all

Just wondering (or maybe I have derped big time) has making a landscape become 10x more complicated now? I have made my heightmap, but how to make layers seems to elude me. Documentation has said its now a material based system but yet I am just having a little trouble adjusting. Is anybody able to give the lamens rundown of how to create layers on a terrain for texture painting? Have they made a video tute for this? Maybe I cant find it :stuck_out_tongue:

And for the second part of the post, could somebody please advise me how to add a fluid actor plane? I cant for the life of me find it.


There is no fluid actor plane for the moment afaik.

Yeah landscapes are pretty complicated now, I based my landscape material off of the example terrain. It’s not perfect, but supports multiple terrain layers. Basically you setup a material with multiple textures in it. When you assign that to your landscape, then you’ll see in the paint menu all the textures you included in the material.

I’m still trying to figure out how to create valid Layer info Objects.

i have suggested they do a series of videos on this seeing as its wildly different from UDK

Does anyone know, How to add Water to the LandScape?
In UDK I used to add it by “Fluid Surface Actor” , but there is no such actor in UE4. I couldn’t find anything about fluids or water in UE4 available documentation or tutorials either.
I really would appreciate your help

no fluid actor as of yet… possible future build… there however is water volume and post processing volume… so you could make the water and what under the water looks like… you could possible make a custom shader in max or whatever(animated plain with a water texture, or flat plane with animated texture) this could surface until at least they put one in