Landscape Content Example project ??

Hello fellow devs, i am following the landscape creation tutorials and i have come across a road block.

This part of the tutorial is unclear on what or where this Landscape Content Example project is

The following is a copy of what it says in the tutorial:

Migrating Textures

Now that we have the folders in place it is time to migrate some textures from the **Landscape Content Example project **so that we have some Textures to work with. If you would like to know more about how to Migrate Content from one project to another one please refer to the following page on how to Migrate Content

When Migrating content between projects you could possibly end up with additional folders that you do not want. To fix this select the Textures that you want inside of the Content Browser and then drag them from their current location into the folder that you want them to be placed in. This is purely a house keeping step and will have no impact on the outcome of the tutorial.

You can find the textures located in the following folder located in the Landscapes Content example project.


The Textures that we will be Migrating over from the Landscape Content Example project are as follows.






So my question is, was i meant to create these textures in another tutorial and then migrate them into my current project?

If so, can someone please link me to the tutorial where i can create these textures in this so called “Landscape Content Example project”.

Any help will be greatly appreciated as i am new to using this software and am very eager to learn and conquer :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You can find it in **Learn **tab of Launcher, just download Content Examples project and then locate Landscape map in Maps folder

Ok, it is downloading, i will let you know how i go.

Thank you very much, i can not believe how quickly my query was answered!

Alright, great, it worked.

Thank you so much!

Hey, no problem, glad it helps! :slight_smile:

Just had this similar problem. I knew I shouldn’t have skipped that extra download earlier.

Might help to add this info to the documentation, as literally everyone learning is going to run into this.

Also there is no info on how to get this into the project, at least no link to info on that.

You use the migration tool to add this into a new project -> :slight_smile:

I cannot see any download buttons. When I enter the example page, it just shows me a picture and a description… There is no download button for the content examples as well. Can anyone help me? please?

I have been confused by this too.
If you:
open the launcher
Click the learn tab.
Keep scrolling down through the learn section.

The content examples and landscape mountains appear twice. The first time is showing a link to documentation, the second one is the actual engine sample that should have a download button!

It’s been a few years since a post in this thread, but having read this thread it sounds like things have perhaps changed since then? I can find the Landscape Mountains project in the Learn tab, but I don’t see any materials to download, my only option is to create a project with it. However, when I do that, I can’t find the specific Textures anywhere! Not in the textures folder. Did several searches, nothing.
Access to the files would be great, is there an easier way to locate them?

I have run into this same problem. I knew where to find it, and how to get in and Migrate the textures. But the required textures are no in the Landscape Mountains project file anywhere.

Anyone know where to currently find these textures, or viable alternatives to use in this, or other free projects?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Same for me.
There is actually a mistake in the tutorial, it mentions the Landscape Moutains project, but as the first answer in this thread says, the project you should use is the Example Content project. Also in the Learn tab, but in the Engine Feature Samples section, instead of Legacy.

It’s in the folder Content\ExampleContent\Landscapes\Textures.