Landscape component missing material

Hi guys,

I have run into a problem with my landscape material, it was working fine and have painted the whole of my landscape as i wanted. However, after recently loading the map, I’ve noticed that 2 landscape components are missing their material, and just appear as the default grid material. when selected they show that the material is assigned, but it isnt showing. you also cant paint on either of these 2 components.

I have tried recompiling the shaders several times, rebuilding lighting, and even reinstalled the engine, but to no avail :frowning:

any help is much appreciated :slight_smile:

anyone have any ideas on this? its really starting to bug me now :confused:

It’s impossible to get help without pictures. You need you show your material setup and the picture of your landscape with its problem.

As far as I know it only occurs to me if I paint more than 4 material over one landscape component.

Check output log for warnings aswell. Generally it tells the reason why.

I manage to fix this problem. As Achilleon posted above, it was something to do with one of my layers.

I had a 5th layer that was only painted on those 2 components, once I removed this it fixed the problem, so this is either to do with having more than 4 layers on a component as stated, or something to do with the texture.

What I dont get is that it worked until I restarted the editor. Weird. Anyway, if anyone runs into a similar problem, then it may just be this.

Thanks Achilleon for your help :slight_smile:

Hi, what version are you using? Prior to 4.7 there was a bug where some components would not pick up the material changes correctly.

If you’re in 4.6 or later, you can free up some of the texture samplers which is usually the cause of this problem, by changing the Sampler Source property of your landscape material’s Texture Sample nodes and using the Shared Wrap option.