Landscape Collision with Holes

I am currently trying to devise a good system for modular trench meshes that can be placed into slits cut into the landscape actor. Today, I made this simple scene in UE4 and walked around it to see what kind of collision to expect when the player is near one of these “holes”.

The collision didn’t follow the shape of the holes in the landscape at all. In some places, the collision ended well before the “edge” of the hole, and in other places the collision extended well into the hole. If I had placed some trench meshes into the landscape, they would have been unusable for the player, because the landscape collision made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Is there a way for me to visually examine what the terrain’s collision is like around these holes? How can I improve the collision of a landscape actor that has holes in it?

Did you check that particular mesh the collision? Are you using generated collision or special collision mesh?

The mesh has no collision (I removed it).

I put a large BSP block underneath the terrain so that the player would have something to land on when he falls into the holes. And unfortunately, even with such a simple setup, the collisions are very very bad.

What LOD falloff option in Landscape settings you’re using?

Max LODLevel: -1
Export LOD: 0
LODDistance Factor: 1.0
LODFalloff: Linear

Streaming Distance Multiplier: 1.0
Collision Mip Level: 0
Collision Thickness: 16.0

Collision Presets: BlockAll

Is there some way for me to enable viewing of the landscape collision, much like how I can use show > collision to see the collision geometry of staticmeshes?

Is there some documentation that explains in greater detail exactly how the landscape actor handles collision around holes?

I hate bumping my thread a second time, but I do need to fix the problem… Am I really the only person who has noticed just how wierd the collision geometry is around Landscape holes?

Is cutting the landscape your only choice?

Could you not just carve the landscape out and place your mesh on top of that?

Sorry but I haven’t really tried what you are doing so I haven’t experienced the issue you are. 8-{

Unfortunately, I have to cut the landscape for the effect that I am trying to achieve. Sculpting is really not an ideal solution in my particular case.

I’ll try to get my hands on some screen-recording software later today to show exactly what is so weird about the collision. It is truly bizarre how it behaves.