Landscape cause unknown x10 triscount unless selected

Recently I have got strange issue with landscape or something related to it. Getting up to 90.000.000 static mesh tris, unless selecting landscape in viewport (or enabling any other view mode than lit). Then tris count gets down to around 4.000.000 where it should be. What could cause that? There is no tessellation used.

Issue started around when I started using quixel megascans meadowpack grass that is added as grass layer in landscape material. But have checked the settings many times and have lowered triscount for those meshes to very low (using percent triangles slider). Also the grass is visible when selecting landscape (while it take tris count to 4.000.000). Also setting foliage to low dosent give tris boost even grass dissapear.

Edit: Tried to remove all grass layers and all foliage and placed meshes. No change.

98.000k when lit and unselected!

800k when in wireframe

2.500k when lit but selected

I’m getting the same issue. Any findings?

Hi, I’m have te same problem here. I don’t know what to do. Did you guys found a solution?