Landscape: can't control LOD - HELP needed

Hi there!
In 4.19 Epic made some changes to landscapes LOD so it is no longer based on distance and now it is using screen size.

I want a simple thing - control LOD 0 distance. How can I achieve it?
R.I.P. LODDistance Factor (or I don’t know where is it now)

I played with LOD Distribution but something is still changing my geometry.
Visualization suggest that everything should be on same level of details but its not…

I saw there is something like ‘Continuous Geo-MipMap LOD’…sgeo-mipmaplod but still this article doesn’t help.

Let’s say I want set Landscape’s LOD 0 further than it’s default setting. The only way I found is to set Max LODlevel to ‘0’ so whole landscape has LOD 0
Here is video I made:

As you can see…I have no idea how to stop landscape morphing when I move camera a bit away for certain distance. I still want to use LODs and option Max LODlevel set to 0 doesnt’ sound right for me.
I need your help guys how to solve this.

I’m running into this exact issue and can’t find a solution anywhere. Did you ever solve this?

Expand the options via the drop down arrow. Play with the additional distribution settings.

The new system is just really bad but obviously epic has no intention of changing it.