Landscape Build Issues

I have been experimenting with the landscape tool in the unreal engine 4.6.1 and I’m having issues with building the level itself. It takes a really long time to do this. I have put in a lightmass importance volume and I have also deleted excess land that I do not need in my scene. I am doing an indoor game where the main character finds a location, enters, and then the game begins. so this is sort of for an interactive cutscene. is there a way to speed up the build time on the level?

Edit: also once again, I am not sure if this is the correct location for this post.

-which kinds of meshes do you have in your level?
-check your lightmap resolutions
-build it in a “High” or “Medium” quality
-place the lightmass importance volume just over the areas that should have a very good light quality
-use dynamic lights to avoid the building :slight_smile:

currently I am working on porting aspects of the scene, we are working with speed tree for the trees (it’s a south american scene, so tropical environment), and then maya for the temple that we have. and that’s pretty much it. I will be putting a waterfall and river in but that’s after I am done with the landscape. So your saying anywhere where the waterfall and river exists, the temple, and were the character is should be inside of a lightmassimportancevolume? By dynamic lighting do you mean using point light and spotlight? Also how do I adjust the build quality, I have never adjusted it?

Edit: about the mesh question, if your talking about file type it’s an bsp for now (using it for layout purposes), but it will be an fbx file imported from maya. Hope that answers that

Yep, just the parts that are inside the playable level: https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/Rendering/LightingAndShadows/Lightmass/Basics/index.html#lightmassimportancevolume :slight_smile:

Dynamic Lightning -> set your lights to moveable
You can change the build quality when you click onto the build tab (little arrow beside the build button) - lightning quality - …
Convert your bsp to meshes and check if it it probably speeds up the build process.

How many meshes do you have in your scene? -> e.g a forest will take some while till it’s build ^^

I have put the forest in but because it is a tropical forest it has to be pretty dense there will be quite a bit of trees. there are a few mountains that will be covered as well. so Ill run a build and leave it sit for awhile once it is done. Thanks for the info about the build for some reason I never noticed that. As far as dynamic light, in the image I attached do you mean on my light source set check the cast dynamic light shadows option? (Details circled in red)

dynamic light.png

The easiest way is to set your light to “moveable” :slight_smile: (but your performance wont be so good anymore)


Is there a way to do it that will not slow down performance. I need to cut to a camera in matinee have it zoom in on the characters spawn where particles I have set up will come into play as if he had warped in terminator style and then the player takes control walks up some steps and discovers a temple, then moves into another cutscene.

Edit: Im gonna try it out first to see how it performs

Edit 2: Works better, didn’t kill too much performance.