Landscape best practices - Foliage Layer Lightmap is excessive

Hi all,

I currently have a single Map for my island landscape (it’s not overly large, only a few kms square). It is very heavy on the foliage painting. When I’m baking my lighting it is presenting me with a warning that one of the foliage layers’ lightmaps are excessive. I’ve only completed maybe 10% of the island, so it’s a bit worrying that i’m getting this message so soon.

  1. I’m wondering if it’s okay for me to continue with my one Map strategy or if I should be thinking about splitting it between multiple maps and streaming them in?

So additional Qs based on the above, if the answer is Yes i should be splitting it…

  1. How best to decide where these splits should be?
  2. I understand that Static Actors could be split between the map, but would this work also for my use case of the Landscape lightmaps being too large?

Any thoughts would be greatly received.

Best regards,