Landscape Auto Material

Landscape Auto Material (LAM)


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Landscape Auto Material is a flexible autopainting material for Unreal Engine 4 Landscape component. When you are drawing the topology of your landscape, proper material layers are drawn automatically.
You can paint these and additional landscape layers by hand, or apply masks from World Machine (or any other terrain generator). You don’t need to edit complex shader systems; just link the textures and start making your awesome levels!
The package includes production-quality assets: realistic grass, translucent water with distortion and caustics, 7 tree types, 6 types of bushes, 5 types of flowers, 3 different stones and a blowball effect. A sample scene to get started is also included in the bundle.


  • Angle-blend between layers
    Automatic blending between layers using angle restriction

  • Sample Forest setting
    Realistic grass, translucent water with distortion and caustics, 7 tree types (vertex-wind similar to Speed Tree™), 6 types of bushes, 5 types of flowers, 3 different stones and a blowball effect. A sample scene to get started is also included in the bundle

  • Weighted-painting
    Handle painting of different layers using a weight system

  • Heightmap-blend
    Automatic blending between any layers using a heightmap

  • Triplanar box-mapping
    Prevents texture stretching at vertical sides

  • Automatic Grass
    Automatic grass generation on different layers

  • Coloring
    Separate layers to tint the landscape for darker or brighter color localy

  • Realistic water
    Translucency, distortion, reflection, caustics, smart noize randomization, smart roughness randomization, depth color tinting, smooth edge blending

  • Realistic grass
    Side-edge fading, color-variations from by foliage sizes, smart distribution, vertex-wind

  • Tessellation and displacement

  • Splatmasks for auto-generated grass
    Nature-like generation by rules of composition

  • Macro-variations
    Blending to macro-variation on long distances

  • Color variations
    Nature-like randomization for grass and landscape tiles

  • Height-slope variation for landscape
    Different materials for top and bottom slope tiles

**Update [16.01.2016] : **Take a look at VEA Games ROADMAP: upcoming LAM updates, features, bug-fixes and more!


Congrats on the release! I saw the video on YouTube a few months ago, and it looked absolutely fantastic. The price is a little high for me, as of the moment, considering I don’t have an active use for it. Though, I’m certain I’ll pick this up in the near future!

Daniel, thank you!

This is really awesome, love the video!

I have it. Really high quality and well put together. I can’t rate it because I bought it directly from them before the marketplace release. 5/5 definitely.

This looks very good. I wonder how are the framerates like on mid-range computers for example?

Looks really nice, but quite a bit above the price point that I’d pay for to be honest.

I want it, but my bank account says no. :frowning:

Awesome tool :slight_smile:

But one question:
I bought it a few days ago from your site and my packs are only 330mb/360mb big?
Are those packets not the same?

I got this from your site a few days ago as well and I have to say, this is pretty remarkable. Great work!

I would buy this in a second if the included assets were PBR, nice work!

Excuse me, this is the modified version with test maps and materials that has been cut. The proper size of pure archive is ~ 360 MB.

Your website link (in this thread) does not work. But I agree with the others, this would save so much time, and I’ll try to pick it up at some point. I do presume that you can use minimalistic meshes to get a higher FPS? I kinda need ~ 200fps on a single monitor (90 fps in VR)

Some really great stuff, gg :wink:

Thank you for link notice, I’ve corrected it!

We plan to release soon a demo build of LAM and you can check the FPS using your hardware.
I think it’s good Idea to make the second “full optimized” build of LAM.

I’d love to see a demo. Even if it doesn’t include all of the features, and very few assets. It’d be fantastic to see it in action.

You’re welcome. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with next! :slight_smile:

I just got this and wanted to try it out and used the Caustics Material on a terrain which looks like this:
How do I get this back to normal (grass)? Whatever I paint on it, it stays like in the picture.

Hi Kia,
Select the Caustics layer and clean it using shift + left mouse button in Paint Mode

Do you have a tutorial to show us how to use this as I do not know how to add it to my already made landscape.

Any replies?