Landscape and Water System: Broken?

I tried to create a simple Water Actor from the Water Plugin on a Landscape.
Doesn’t work in UE5.

Broken or am I missing something here?

It is experimental (as in not quite complete). I have not had it work on a partitioned world. On a SIMPLE (as in useless) world, I can get the ocean and river to work (although I get lots of crashes).

Be AWARE the splines will allow you to move them in Z space and that will totally bork your ocean/river/water body. For example, your ocean will have a huge “runway” (that’s what comes to mind!)

Here are the steps I took:

  1. Create a new level (TimeOfDay)

  2. Use the following REMEMBER to makes sure Enable Edit Layers is checked. 99.9999% of people’s problem is this one little item.

  3. SAVE!!!

  4. Here is our little landscape (I added default material for it)

  5. Do some sculpting to your land isn’t flat. That’s another source of errors. Your ocean and rivers want to DEPRESS the landscape and can’t do it if it’s already at zero. FYI (at least on macOS) the sculpt tools work great on small landscapes are are next to useless on partitioned ones.

  6. Save

  7. Sometimes the map seems to revert to being flat after the save. This is a bug. Just click on it with a sculpt tool (as long as you don’t leave sculpt it seems to be fine). If you have left sculpt well, sometimes you are okay and sometimes you are not.

  8. Drop an ocean onto your map.

  9. SAVE!!! Don’t try to move the splines before then.

  10. At this point you have the splines and nothing. It’s not broken, you just need to move the splines towards land. You should end up with something like the following:

  11. SAVE!!!

  12. At this point you are saying, “Okay, this is broken.” No, we haven’t moved the spline enough! (WHAT!?) The spline doesn’t say “This is where the ocean starts” it says “This is where the drop-off to the ocean starts.

    Yeah, clear as mud.

  13. So move the splines closer and you get this orange circle AND a completed ocean!

  1. SAVE!!! You have an ocean! Rejoice in it’s fishless seas! Move your start on the remains of your landscape and press play. Yay!

  2. Now let’s get CRAZY! Drop a river on our stupid little island. Boom, we have a river. PERFECT!

  1. Now you know what ISN’T cool? Sculpting tools have stopped working for us (at least in macOS). Why? No idea. Can I get around it? I’ll wait until things are not experimental (and we have foam and waves on the shore and all those things that reality actually gives us).

Remember, both the Water plugin and the UE5 are in the experimental phase — it is quite easy to break things. Trust me, it took me a while to realize they didn’t bound the Z axis on the bezier curve handles.

And now you know everything I do without watching a commercial! XD


Chad tutorial, thank you, i was having a ton of crashes with the water system on large maps in Ue4, hoping Ue5 makes it work more better! gunna give this a shot and will report back if it works for my use case. 8x8 km map so lets cross the fingers lol.

Glad I could be of help! Let me know if it works on 5.0.1!