Landscape and Buildings

I am trying to create my own landscape and building for my third person type game. Do I need started packages for landscape and building? Or can I design my own from scratch? I am am a first time user for Unreal Engine and game design as well.

Before starting its a good idea to take stuff apart.
Download some of the free demos from the launcher.

Existing landscapes can be reworked into something new.
Its easier than having to first learn many dizzying technical options.

Can’t do as much with meshes because well Epic hasn’t put that into UE4.
But you can rescale and drag new materials over them while prototyping.
Get hold of modular packs too as they offer the most building flexibility…
BTW: I wouldn’t learn Geometry / BSP, the UE4 tools are a waste of time…

Its hard to be good at both 3D art + Coding, so decide which you like best.
If you’re into tutorials stick with those, if not just experiment, have fun…