Landscape affecting camera (bug?)

Hi, I’m migrating from Unity to Unreal and I’m stuck in a problem I cant solve.

If I add a Landscape, the first person controller (or camera) gets tilted/rotated and I lose up/down mouse movement. And if I delete the landscape the camera is still locked this way.
I’ve tried from a New Project and am getting the same thing.
Tried changing PlayerStart after adding the landscape.
Checked the rotation of everything, all good.
It seems to affect the camera of other Levels on the same project.

Could be a problem with my ue4 installation? Or maybe an easy thing I’m not seeing.


Update: Just noticed that I don’t even need to put the landscape. If I change the ‘Mode’ on the left window to Landscape or any other besides ‘Place’, the camera gets stuck.

Update2: If I reopen Unreal it gets unstuck, but if I enter any Mode that isnt ‘Place’, I have to reopen UE4 if I want to use PlayerStart/Camera.