Landmass Plugin / General Question

I got a pretty simple question (more or less)… The landmass plugin/classes Construction Scripts are calling → Parent: Construction Script, up to the “Base” - CustomBrush_Landmass
First, I cant find this explicitly called “function” anywhere, is it especially created for this Plugin or do I miss something?
The problem is, I can’t call any function from any parent without to compile the whole blueprint and didnt found any clue, how to compile via console command or similar…
Even the function “BrushSetup” is not callable without compiling, like I put one of them into a level and call this specific function (or a new created one), wich should run parent’s contruction script or BrushSetup directly.
Until now, I could work around everything in Blueprints, since a complete C++ UE understanding would take pretty much time so I hope someone can give me an explanation for this…
KingRegards and thanks ahead!

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