Landmass Plugin - Affected weightmap layers?

With landscape blueprint actors, there’s a handy feature of being able to affect weightmap(s) and i’ve already been able to do some cool things with it, and in general pretty easy to reverse engineer some of the actors shipped with the plugin, one thing has me stumped though, probably because this aspect in hidden away in CPP, but how does the actor determine what weightlayer to affect?

Currently it’s set so affect any weightmap in the array with the same information in the weightmap MID, but i’d like to target each individual weightmap layer and do something different to each weightmap layer with the same actor.

I couldn’t exactly find where it was executed, but there is a new function called “Import Weightmap from RenderTarget” which seems to achieve the same result.
Although i’m currently getting an assertion failure when trying to use it, so i haven’t been able to thoroughly test it.

AFAIK the function you’re calling only works in the editor, not on runtime.

Correct, i’m trying to use it within a landscape blueprint which is editor only, i was able to get it to work once, albeit very briefly. After that, nothing but assertions.