Landmass "paint layer" not changing the texture of mountain

Hi guys, I am very new to UE4 and am just experimenting with different stuff. I have come to create a mountain, but whenever I try to change the texture of the mountain in “paint layer” nothing happens. How do I fix this?


The paint layer you’re applying noise to is for generating mesh-type, surface / landform noise…not a material / texture. To change from the grass to a different surface texturing, you need to create a landscape material. Look up a tutorial information on youtube or in the docs for how to create landscape layer materials. You’ll need to select Landscape in the World Outliner (upper right list of everything in the scene), which is above your landmass brush actor, then switch to Paint Mode and “Use Region as Mask” to paint only on the mountain region after you’ve selected it with the Region tool.

Read the docs and watch a tutorial or two on how to do it.