Landmass Brushes Unusable/CRASHES at 4km^2 or larger


I love the landmass brushes, especially the blueprint brushes but if I use them on a landscape larger than 2x2km the editing performance quickly becomes unworkable. At 4x4km landscapes the default CustomBrush_Landmass and River BP brushes are running at maybe 1-2fps while making edits, and at 8x8km landscapes the River tool crashes the editor.

I had a peek at Valley of the Ancients to see if Epic did anything special with their landscape setup, but to my surprise there is actually no landscape in that project!

Unloading some of the terrains via World Partition helps a bit, but I am working with large brushes that can span kilometers so I often need to work with many terrain tiles at once. My intention with this workflow is to kitbash BP terrain brushes to non-destructively create a landscape in a large open world inside UE. I couldn’t find any documentation about limitations of Landmass, but am I using these Landmass BP tools the wrong way?

my workstation:
amd ryzen 9 5950x
nvidia rtx 3090 24gb
32gb ram
ue 5.0.2
win 11


I’m having this issue currently in UE5, it would be nice if we could get some information on this as it’s been a while since this post was made…

Updating this thread as some impressive solutions came up for non-destructive landscape creation :slight_smile:

The Errant Landscape plugin looks incredible, with portable actor-landscape brushes and lots of other nice features, super scalable for huge terrains! Create Detailed Landscapes Entirely in Unreal Engine 5 - New Disruptive Tools! - YouTube

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