Landmass blueprint spline

Hi, I’d like to create a blueprint that conforms the landscape to my own actors. In this case it’s a road blueprint. I know I can conform the terrain using a terrain spline but I don’t want to use that unless I can easily control that spline with my main blueprint spline.
My question is also similar in the fact that I want to be able to either reference the other actor in the landmass blueprint or copy all the spline parameters from one actor to another.
I already tried setting each point of the landmass blueprint the same as my other blueprint but I think the construction script of the landmass brush overwrites this.
Anyone have a good idea here or can help me?

Ok, it did work. I just had to restart the editor and do some tweaks. However the landscape isn’t really following the spline as close as I want it to. I know I still need to transfer the tangents and roll but even then there is a considerable gap. The issue probably lies with the standard UE4 landmass blueprint?