LAN VoIP doesn't work

Hi !

I’ve already made a VoIP setup on a LAN game with Unreal 4.15.
I have created a new project from scratch with 4.16.2, but I can’t make VoIP work.
I made the same setup, but maybe I am missing something :confused:

Would you mind taking a look ?

On the DefaultEngine.ini, I got these lines :



On theDefaultGame.ini, I got :


On my Project Settings, I have a Sound Class:

I just have created a new Sound Class, I did nothing inside it

On windows, I have set the microphone as “Default communication device” on both computers.

When I launch the packaged game on both computers, no VoIP.

If I do a “online test voice”, I can hear my own microphone, but still not the other player…

I don’t know what to do more :confused:

If someone have an idea, do not hesitate.


Did you ever manage to fix this?

@gMacGeorges Quite a while ago…still trying my luck asking you if you found a solution to that.

Oh ■■■■ it have been a looong time. I frankly doesn’t remember. I know that I managed to make LAN VoIP working but I cannot recall if I ended up using this system or another one… Sorry