LAN sessions needs Steam?

Hi All,

I am trying to convert my game to a LAN networked version and am looking at Epics example ‘MultiPlayerShootout’.
In the DefaultEngine.ini there’s a load of references to Steam’s OnlineSubsystem.

I have failed to make it work using the Null subsystem and when I search for solutions I can only find people what cannot make it work.

Is it possible to do this without Steam OSS? (and Blueprints only)
And why has Epic chosen to use Steam for their HowTo?

**EDIT: ** So as to not confuse others, I now have got an minimal example project working with the Null subsystem. My problems seem to have stemmed from working in a project set up for something else. Even if I edited the DefaultEngine.ini it wouldn’t work in the original project so it must be something else that needs clearing out.