LAN Party!

Anyone else enjoy LAN parties?

I have a family, so it’s a great way to get a weekend away to myself without interruptions. Gaming and, this time, developing in Unreal.

Also, I get to eat rubbish without my wife’s disapproving glare. :slight_smile:

I’m off to LeachLAN 12, deep in the Gloucestershire countryside (in the UK), this June. Up to 5 days of gaming. Oh, yes. :slight_smile:

Here’s the link:

Anyone else LANning soon? If so, where?

Sorry, I have my exams :confused:

oh **** Its in England > I live in England > I like LAN parties etc > have friends that would join. Gah so tempting

Go on. Five days, four nights. No pressure to join in and play games that you hate. (The first time I went, I just played single-player games the whole time :slight_smile: ). Ales on tap. Hotels nearby. (I’m too old to camp :slight_smile: ). Plus, it will give you some uninterrupted Unreal dev time. :slight_smile:

It’s well worth the two-hour car journey I make to get there. Get your friends in, and just have a great time.

Shouldnt be to far from me either as Im only in the West Midlands :slight_smile: - I’d seriously love to go play games fro that long! Trouble is ive spent a few thousand to go to the USA alter this year so I dont know if i have the funds :(, im going to look into this though :P. I’d be a hotel man though to, to be honest :stuck_out_tongue:

Hrrm im not that far out actually, only most of my friends a) hate computers and b) dont play games so yer … going solo to something like that without knowing someone isn’t something I’d do again. But I do remember back to my glory days as a semi-pro quake2/3 player @ events like Insomnia/stratlan (I helped organise the first few Insomnia’s).

Im going to one (CapslockLAN) this weekend, here in my country, but im in the crew so I dont get much free time :slight_smile:

Im back from CapslockLAN and we got overbooked. Around 100+ was there. Next time we are going to arrange it on a bigger place with a capability of 800+ seats.
LAN is still fun :smiley:

Wow, that’s getting big! :slight_smile:

LeachLAN only seats 50, and it has sold out the last few times, so I think they might be looking to host another annual LAN later in the year.

P.S. How would you provide power for 800 PCs? It’s aways been the thing that frightens me about organising my own.

A small nuclear reactor?

Im sure that the hall have its own powersupply solution for arrangements like this. Heres our Facebook-event: Facebook (In Norwegian). We`re are 13 people in the crew with our own expertise like tech, net, gaming, compos, admins, economy, logics and security. This is our 7th lan, so its going to be fun on a big place like this :slight_smile:

Looks like the kind of place I would like to model in UE4. :slight_smile:

I guess this is a conference centre, so the power supply will be solid. The problem for me is, starting small, I would only want a village hall, and they are not set-up to push more than a kettle, a fridge and two light bulbs. :frowning:

So…Epic, any chance of an official Epic LAN party? In the UK, at the Guilford office? Maybe even doubling as a game jam? (Alas, the name Epic LAN is already taken).

I second this Epic, we know you have a presence here, make a LAN party dudes!

Hey they could also do a little indie dev thing for guys just starting out in UE4, like showing off the basics etc, get everyone to make a crappy little game over like 48 hours, would be sweet! Come on guys, think of all the new people you’d draw the engine, think of that marketing :wink: