Lan OnlineSubsystem Null problem can't find sessions

I made a lobby and server browser project in c++, I can host and find sessions normally on steam on two different computers but it doesn’t work with Lan, I can’t find any sessions. Lan only works on two instences of the same game on the same computer. what might be causing that?

Something to look out for: LAN sessions only work on the same subnet, and there can’t be anything filtering the UDP packets on port 15000 (default)

I had to disable the virtualbox network connection in windows.

This works for me too. Thanks!

People keep saying they fixed their LAN by disabling virtualbox but I can’t find anything called that on my windows 8.1 machine.

It’s fine, it is basically just a program to run Linux or MacOS on Windows. You just don’t have it on your PC.
As for me, I do not have it too and have the same issue… Two Android devices cannot find one another on LAN, subnet mask is for both.
How to check if something is filtering UDP packets though? And is it likely that this is the issue on Android?
And do I have to make changes to DefaultEngine.ini besides adding