LAN Multiplayer "Net driver already exists" when trying to Join Session

I am trying to set up some basic LAN server sessions but am getting “Net driver already exists” when trying to Join. I recently started seeing this, It seemed to connect fine around UE4.14 (it’s been awhile since i’ve tried). I have followed this tutorial to the tee: . I did it in the third person example template just like the tutorial. Still I am getting “Net driver already exists” when trying to join from the second player. I’ve played around with multiplayer settings and also tried from two separate packaged versions but still getting the error. Anybody know what I might be missing or a way around this?

Also I edited the engine config file and not using source.


Any ideas?


You could always use this I gave away for free, or tear it apart and see how it works, it allows you to host games via LAN or Steam

Unreal Engine 4 - (Free) Steam Base For Adding Basic Steam Integration To Projects


I will check this out thanks