Lan Multiplayer Android game on LocalWifi (HotSpot)

Hey, I’m using UE4.19, I want to make a Multiplayer game for android, where two Devices will be connected through wifi (HotSpot on one mobile, WiFi on other) is it possible to do using BluePrint only without using SourceCode??

Probably. I have been able to build to Android with 4.17.2 using only blueprints,
and succeeded in both hosting as server and joining as client over Wifi LAN, using the Android.
I have only one Android device with enough RAM to handle Unreal engine, so the other player was a PC but it worked both when Android was the server and when Android was the client!

And I didn’t have to do anything special or different. The code for PC worked just as well for Android (except I needed to add touch controls for input). Android is mobile with a lower power processor than the PC so some optimizations were needed for performance. But as for the networking, no difference in the blueprint code.

The problem is that, i can successfully host the game from one mobile, but fails to find the session from another mobile. And how did you connect the PC with your device?

THe PC hosting, android joining works the same as Android hosting, PC joining.
I have never tried adding another Android to the session since I only have one Android that can run Unreal engine, and it only goes 5-12 fps at that.

Sorry, wish I could be more helpful.

**Here your both device are connected to same WiFi/Network so it easily work for all but here problem is Two Android Devise A1 And A2. A1 Was Created Hotspot And A2 Connected to A1’s created hotspot. And Now Created Problem When A1 Host A game But A2 Not Found A1’s Session. **

hey You Solve It ??

i’m facing the same problem,but havnt found the solution,

Maybe a device cannot use its own hotspot. Have you been able to do this with other apps you downloaded from the app store whether unreal or not?

can you please how host game in unreal engine to do that ???

would love to see progress here on ue4.27 or ue5

I know I said 6 days ago that I would like to see progress here…
But I finally managed to figure it out. Below I made forum thread that outlined basic steps to do it, good luck:

did you found solution.plz tell me