LAN blueprint - is it possible?

is there easy way to create lan blueprint that can be used for hosting and joining servers? i hope you all understand my question :smiley:

Have you watched this series of tutorials?

yes i have, but i dont know how to package a game for local area connection
and what do i have to do to test the game with my friends on local network,
so the problem is, how do i make this two options , a) host server (listen server) b) join server (type in ip adress or something like that) c) some kind of hud text which displays ip adress (on host hud)

anyone? please help :smiley: i am total noob with blueprints, or any kind of programming, and your help will be much appreciated.

This is a good question, that i cant say ive seen an answer to yet.

Running the client/server from shortcuts on the desktop is different to having menu items for connecting to local/remote servers or starting a game.

I have not found relevant blueprint functions for this, if any exist. They ‘might’ i just don’t know what they are if they do.

it seem slike i will have to start programming in c++, or at least try.