Lamp Collection 01

I created some lamps to use in UE4 and after sorting them out I wanted to release them for the store so everyone can use them in their projects. They were modeled in Cinema4D, retouched in MODO and the UV mapping was made in 3D Coat, the materials were made in Substance Designer.

Core Components:

10 different lamps with a bonus, an orb lamp in two sets, floor and desk. Lit and ulit, I made them easy to handle and to snap easily to your floor, roof or desks. A long time ago I submitted another collection but without PBR materials, this time I not only updated the materials but I also changed the UV mapping and added some more lamps.

The lit ones are inside a blueprint so it will be easy to add a switch to them if you need it and the unlit ones come in their mesh folder so you can just drag and drop them to your scene.


Hope you like it.