Lakeside. An Oculus Supported Horror game (for college)


I’m a student who must design a 3D game using UE4 for my next project, I have 13 weeks to design and build the game. I’m not bad at writing short stories so I decided instead of just building a small level I shall build a working demo of a project my class and I proposed at the beginning of our academic year. This game must be 3D and use at the very least two cameras as well as additional inputs.

The premise of the game is a Horror game set in the UK location of Lake Windermere. The game will be a psychological horror using embedded narrative to tell a story while the main character solves some simple but well hidden puzzles in order to discover more of the story and escape the island in the lake while running from creatures which may or may not exist, fighting a constant feeling of impending doom.

you should make it a oculus game it would make it more scary

I like this idea, I like the way the creature may not exist or may exist, nice concept :]

Here are some level concept maps for the island. Soon I will upload some concept art for the game assets, the game will be centered on the island in the lake, with a cut scene depicting the main character rowing to the island. the game will focus on exploration, with some highlighted items to pick up before a final cut scene to end the game. The game will end as soon as the necessary items are picked up, with exploration only necessary to show the player the embedded narrative.



Update: The latest build of the game. Currently I have sculpted the island and surrounding environment, and painted textures onto this landscape. I have a main character model set up and ready to add animation to and have begun to build key features, the cabin and surrounding areas.

Once this is done I shall begin adding environmental assets.

Main Character 2.jpg


Build the cabin to function as the end point of the game, and the dock to function as the games starting point. There wasn’t much in between the start and end points until much later in building. The key things to include were a clearly defined start and end point, at least two cameras and additional player input.

Once the start and end points were completed started working on the camera changes.

The base exterior of the house (textured)

Main Room 1.jpg
main room of the house (unfurnished)

upstairs corridor

The small dock to function as the games starting point

With the start and end points in place I worked on interactions. The game ends when the player interacts with the bed in the 3rd room of the upstairs of the house. other interactions at present only include opening and closing doors

End Point 1.jpg
Interacting with the bed at the end ends the game

Cabin Exterior.jpg
Added to the outside of the house making it look more like a large log cabin.

The blueprint for the main door of the cabin, all doors will open and close when interacted with but after the cabin is entered the main door will close and lock behind the player.

The Opening cutscene of the game has a camera circling the level before coming to a stop at the games start point and the camera moving directly into the first person character, lining up precisely with the first person camera.

Opening Matinee.jpg
Matinee for the opening cutscene of the game.

Bookmarked this one, looks/sounds interesting :D.

I imported the character from Fuse and all its animations are there but for some reason whenever I play the level the character stays in his T - Pose. the animations haven’t seemed to connect to the character at all. Does anyone know why this might be?

More importantly, does anyone know how to fix it?

cabin exterior mistakes were made.jpg
Tried to decorate outside, the materials painted on using the landscape paint tools messed up a bit and the trees lost their materials entirely. Somehow the folder structure got messed up and none of the static meshes came in with textures anymore. Rebuilding the folder structure fixed the problem.

After making the Island look a bit less barren I tried to add a weather feature, the idea being the particle effect would sit where it needed to be invisible in game until the matinee triggers making it look like a sudden storm once the asset became visible again. Didnt work so well.

This matinee was supposed to make the assets visible when the trigger box was collided with but never seemed to work, movement still worked though.

So instead we made a fog particle effect move into place and darken as the “sun” directional light intensity dropped. The rain particle effect is hidden under the map and moves up in a fraction of a second as the endgame area map starts when entering the cabin and the door locks behind the player.

sky darkens.jpg
The Sky Darkens as the player approaches the cabin…

And the rain seen from the inside…

I used fuse to build an animated character for the game due to my lack of animation experience as a time saver due to the short deadline and I still don’t know why the Fuse animation imported into unreal isn’t working like it should. The character is still in the game holding the T pose and though the animation file is there, there seems to be nothing attached to it. Just gives me something to write about i suppose.

The game now has credits. Using a white box, black text and a camera matinee I got a simple scrolling effect. add the matinee to the end of level interaction with a delay and the credits are the last thing the player sees before the game quits.

awesome, I’m not sure if it out but if it is I’m defiantly downloading it!