Lakes and Rivers - Map making question(s)

I know there are videos, and, if your building on z-axis 0, they all work …

But …

My questions are these:

  1. When making a lake above “sea level” the postprocessingvolume for that lake stops working. Its all black when you enter the water because your soo far above the “set water line”. Even in the video, the “make sure its set to a low enough plane” is said, but, lakes dont have to be at perfect Z-axis to work (see Valhalla map)
  2. Some, not all, of my water textures are green. Yes, i have loaded the other maps and fixed it, but, the lake ones are green. When looking at the materials, they are green … what gives? Do we actually have a solution? When running in test mode, the water is GREEN again …
  3. Rivers and meshes? I set my splines, but, when putting my static texture on, it looks CRAZY! lol … how do i setup and creat my OWN river meshes so i can just place im in the areas they need to be in? Making and doing splines, that i can do easily … but in the videos, hes using all fabricated rivers so, it looks super easy, but, its really not.


i can help you ^^

  1. you can make as much lakes and rivers over the sealevel as you want. You only need to change the levelblueprint ;D


This is one of my Lakes, the Normal Waterlevel is on “-14450.23” my Lake is on the “-13000” level. you need a PostprcessVolumeEnter and Left , when
you enter your lake/river this changes the waterlevel to your wanted level (here in the pic to -13000) and if you left the process you need to bring it back to the normal waterlevel.

  1. the green texture is some settings problem in the DevKit

  2. you could use your own mashes and make them in Maya or Blender or only use the normal Lake mashes and change the size so it look like a river

you … are … amazing…
Thank you soo much for this info! I wish this stuff was mentioned in the tuts …
like no one says “hey see that stupid shiny line on your landscape? Yea, thats the default water line, line your **** up with that to make it work” lol

same here. It seems to be the PP_UnderWaterExtinction_Inst that causes it to go black, thats the PP thats suppose to give the water blue hue effect, but yea always comes up black for me too. I’ve tried a BP for enter and exit, though I dont think I have the ranged right, and I’ve dragged the PP box up and down the Z trying to find that range with no luck.

well I went from seeing black to this
got the blue, but its not clear o.O

TheOneWolf -

There is a pre-set water level for the maps. Its -14450.23 on the Z (for landscape). You will see a line on your landscape showing where it is exactly. With this process above, shown by Exilog, you can change that water level from the default.
So, if your map isnt anywhere near this, then, you will get your water looking blank, or, what you have, that blue without looking clear.
Easiest way to resolve your issue:
bring your landscape to -14450.23, find the line (if you have to paint the landscape, it shows up way better)
adjust your Z on your landscape to where u want the ocean to be. The ocean line will move on the landscape to adjust.
Put down your “ocean” on that line best you can, then, match all your stuff to that.
Then, for lakes and rivers, use the process above to adjust the water line to match your lake/river.

ah roger that. I knew it had to be something with the landscape not being lined up to the Z, but the needed Z coordinate I wasnt very sure off. Thanks for the clarification Angry, much appreciated :slight_smile:

yeah man no problem. anything i can do to help.

Does anyone know how to reach the part that Exilog showed in his photo? I’m new to the dev kit so I don’t know how to navigate it to well.

That picture is from the level blueprint. Open the persistent level and click “blueprints” at the top of the editor, and you will find the option to “open level blueprint”.