Lake House Walkthrough

Hi, please see walkthrough of my project Lake House -

This is wonderful!
I dream to master it!
why there are no baseboards under the walls?
Does technology really make it possible to make the perfect wall-to-floor joint?

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I didn’t include any skirting boards for the project as the reference I took it from didn’t have any. Matching the client’s specs.

Good job men.

I would just update the shoreline when you first look from the kitchen, it was the only thing crying to me. The shoreline from the Deck view was better. The decks railing seems rushed. And the sun is a little too bright on the floor?

I think most of your lightmap resolutions are too low… objects are floating, walls don’t get realistic lighting, shadows are blocky… also your foliage/plants are lit unrealisticly… PP could be also better…

Hi, good job. A few comments though: the furniture looks a bit oddly placed. Somehow cramped into the corners and along the wall. In front of the kitchen is enough space for a good sized dance floor but the dining table is pushed in the corner. I think it would look a lot nicer if you moved the items more naturally where you would place them in real live. The pendula lights look weird against the wall and something makes the kitchen cabinets look a bit like a puppet house. I’m not sure about the long mirror. It’s good technically but not sure if I would want it there.

Also I’d love to go out on the balcony. It’s pretty easy to make a good looking water in unreal. The location is the biggest drawing card for this house.

Thanks for the feedback and constructive criticism, Much appreciated.