Lake Cabin archviz project

Hi! This is my 2nd archviz… and I have been working on this project for the last three months or so

My goals with this was:

  • learn more about ue4
  • learn new things
  • improve my general skills and pipeline
  • make a better project than my first one
  • make a scene who tells a short story and have a very mood on it
  • having fun when doing this!

I can easily say: i achieved this, i learn more things on unreal, i also discovered new things and way to do stuff, i improved my pipeline by making better assets and learn how to do things to make it looking good as possible on unreal, this lake cabin is much more prettier than my first project on playable apartment.

I have been in trouble last week to build the light, I tried a bit more quality and this took a lot of time. The worst part of this was lose almost 5 days building the light because my dumb neighbor did a stupid move to drink and drive. So… what is happened? he was drunk, took his car, went out of garage and hit the light pole, this immediately caused it to lack light energy. lol

And before that i lose another 3 days or so because i was impatient and start using pc for working on another things, so the result you maybe know: the editor crashed … anyway, i used a previous light baked i have done for the project and i think this is more than enough and bring some ok results for what i wanted on the project.

This archviz is not playable, I can’t run this on my computer with a minimal decent framerate speed, This also is not the thing i would be very proud to talk about optimization, shader complexity is bad… awful bad to be honest here. I did many optimization i could, for make this usable as i can.

There are two videos of the archviz

  1. the extended version, this is 13 minutes long! yeah… this going to be a little trip on my project where i tried to cover many details i was could.
  2. the “short” version, this is 5 minutes long, i used the same camera cuts from extended, but a fewer less on this one

The EXTENDED movie: 4K Available

The SHORT movie:
Lake Cabin Archviz - Sequence - YouTube

**Screenshots **i took a few screenshots of the project, you can see all 30 screenshots on my artstation page

My artstation page with the project:

I hope you enjoy and like it, i’m open for feedback and if you have something to share… please let me know!

I update the topic with the short version of video, nothing really new
just a fewer camera cuts.