Laggy pitch on client side

Hello everyone,

im relatively new to unreal engine and currently im trying to setup a true first person character. Walking and rotation on yaw is smooth and replicated fine. I started to calculate my pitch and replicated that also but somehow my rotation on the pitch is kind of stuttering only on the client side. Any ideas here? The following screens hopefully describe my implementation well enough:


Called function on axis event:

Reading value in anim bp

How is the character setup?:

I got a mesh and on that i have a spring arm that contains a camera. Like i said before on another client it seems really smooth. On the client itself it looks stuttering, specially on the hands. Any ideas? Im out of any clue. Have been looking for a long time now.

Things i tried:

  • Using camera lag: not an option as this produces behavior that is not acceptable for my game.
  • As shown in the implementation i added a interp in the hope that this will smooth out my aim offset

Video of the problem, first i move my local character providing a sample of my lag, then i move my second character showing the smooth offset.


Thanks you for any help.


Edit: I just tried to start my game as offline mode, somehow there is no stutter on my pitch axis

Have you replicated the events and set to “reliable”? This should help lag.