Lag while placing foliage ARK Dev Kit

I’ve been using the ARK Dev Kit in creating a custom map, and have been getting heavy lag spikes while placing foliage. I’ve changed Cull distances, LODs, brush size and density, different types of foliage (to see if there was a culprit), and even going out of render distance of all other foliage on the map, since its still early in development. I’ve looked at other threads that have similar issues, but haven’t seen any solutions, and unfortunately placing even a max brush size amount of foliage with the lag will take days.

—Specs for reference—


Also using 32gb of ram, and I’ve checked task manager while UE freezes; CPU sits around 50% and RAM no more than 30%


EDIT: CPU jumps to 50% at the moment of placing foliage and then drops after the lag ends.

EDIT 2: Adding new foliage seems to be fine when I start placing it. When the count reaches ~100k it starts to get laggy, even if out of render distance. Although, another foliage reached 400k and has not caused the same lag.

Same thing happens to me. Running a 980ti 6g, i7-4790K @ 4.2gHz, 16g’s of RAM, and a 500gb SSD (while marginally less in performance than Satholin, should still be more than enough to handle full rendering and generation of assets in the dev kit). Engine runs smooth as butter in all other aspects, even after placing foilage there are no drops in fps whatsoever. But while placing it the program just freezes for like 10 seconds before the foilage is finally generated. I had a GTX 670 with 2gbs of vram before and this foilage lag never happened on it. wtf