Lag when using HMD camera location to drive effect

(Not sure whether this is the right sub forum for this…)

I’m trying to drive an effect based on the position of the camera (HMD), but I’m getting a strange lag on the effect which I wasn’t expecting, and don’t know the cause of.

The basic setup is two scene objects:

  1. One point with a static position in the scene (Near_Point)
  2. One point which is movable, based on the relationship between the camera and the first point (Far_Point)

For visualisation purposes, a static mesh sphere has been attached to each point. Near_Point is red, Far_Point is blue.

Essentially, the Far_Point should always appear directly behind (at a certain distance) the Near_Point no matter the position of the camera. In other words, the three positions (camera position, Near_Point, Far_Point) are always in a straight line.

The BP starts by getting the camera position:

Then on tick, the vector from camera to Near_Point is normalised, multiplied, and added to the position of the Near_Point to update the position of the Far_Point.

This works, BUT there is a noticeable lag in the updating of the position of the Far_Point. If I move my head quickly, I can see the position of the Far_Point struggling to catch up.

Here is a video illustrating the point:

Anyone know what might be causing this lag? I would have thought that the position of the Far_Point would always be precisely in line with the other two points, but it seems almost like there’s some kind of lerp going on here.

Very confused, any help/ideas much appreciated!