Lag when adding smth for the first time

Sorry for messy topic name.

I was trying out some of the free stuff and I run to a problem. First, I added some trees (landscape mountains) and characters (mixamo animation pack) every time it took a bit… like 2-5 minutes. But when I tryed to add one of the rocks from open world collection it completly lagged my computer and took 40 minutes to make it through. After that I can add as many I want without a problem.

So my questions are… Is there anything I can do to shorten this process? What is it doing exactly, when you add something for the first time?

Im only on laptop, with i5 dual-core 2.2 and 4GB of ram, so I know my computer is an issue here, but this and building lightning are only problems I had so far with this performance and adding a freaking rock doesn’t look so **** hard, even tho I don’t know much about these things.

that’s because the assets have to be fully loaded, also the content from the open world demo pack are fairly high end, you can check out this thread for more info on that pack

hope that helps:)

I’d just spend a good few hours right clicking on each asset (textures before materials/meshes!) before trying to use anything.

Well, I guess I can delete it then… I checked that topic, if it takes my laptop same time to deal with one rock as others with whole map…

Still loading assets for a first time, is it mainly a RAM problem? If I upgrade to 8 GB it would be ok?

Btw landscape mountains worked quite ok :frowning: and now i cant even add a rock, it’s just so inconsistent performance-wised.

Unfortunately, 4Gb RAM is below spec, so the inconsistency is unsurprising. :frowning:

The stuff in the open world collection is a whole level or two up (or more…) from the landscape mountains example.

First time I tried opening the overview map I was waiting for 3 hours then it crashed haha.