Lag Spikes and draw call spikes when turning stationary camera

I get lag spikes when i turn the camera back and forth but the frame rate is fine when standing still. What i notice is when i turn the camera the draw calls MAX jumpes to 3000 even though the AVERAGE says 1000. But when the camera holds still that MAX 3000 falls down to 1200 or so… so why? How do i optimize something like this? The scene has low enough draw calls… but it spikes with movement… so what is there to do here? Is this a bug? Seems like I have been asking this question or some variation of it forever and no one can give me a straight answer yet. Its a MAJOR flaw so far… seems like the engine just sucks at culling if u rotate the camera. Getting tired of it. Is this an unfixable problem?

Draw call issues still occur at times, but oddly enough i found that they were more then likely not causing the lag spikes.

Seems like not having enough memory for textures and meshes on the gpu does cause the spikes.

Gtx 590 does not use 3 gigs of ram… it uses 1.5 gb since its being treated like a gtx 580 . (SLI not supported)

Most of the lag spikes seem to go away after aggressively lowering texture resolutions.