Lag in Certain Viewports After Upgrading GPU and PSU


I just recently updated from a 1660ti to a 3060ti, along with upgrading my PSU to a Corsair CX750M, and ever since I did that I’ve been having issues with Unreal Engine 4.27. In UE I get terrible mouse lag only in the viewport, and only certain viewports like when I’m editing a mesh or a skeleton for a character model, or trying to make an animation for example. Nothing else lags. And when I’m in the Epic Games marketplace for UE and looking for new things it’s, again, terrible mouse lag/stuttering and I’m literally just in the marketplace. It baffles me as well that before the upgrades everything worked fine, and this is supposed to be better hardware now.

I’m at a loss of what to do. And none of the temperature numbers or utilization % for my CPU or GPU are out of the ordinary, nor is there an insanely high fan speed/power drain. I installed the correct game drivers for the 3060ti as well, along with installing the studio drivers in case that was somehow causing issues but it didn’t help. Games run great though.