Lag in 2.23 and above

In Linux (Manjaro) i experienced a thing with Version 4.23.
Since 4.23 the viewport is laggy every 5 seconds or so. It happens also when i hit play in viewport/seperate window/in packaged game and also in engine version 4.24
In 4.22.3-release everything works fine. All freshly builds.

The console does not say any wired stuff aka no logstring.

Did someone also experienced this behavior?

I tryed a new compile of 4.23 but it does it no matter what.
Look at the statgraph. It periodicly spikes. i have the newest gfxdriver installed so its not that.

In our System I also recognize this behaviour with 4.23.1 on Ubuntu 18.04 with Nvidia Driver 430.50 and Cuda 10.1
Perhaps it is something according to Vulkan because sometimes it even crashes completely with some error in Engine/Source/Runtime/VulkanRHI/Private/VulkanCommandBuffer.cpp:388

It seems like there it is waiting for getting a Fence with a timeout and perhaps if it takes too much time bSuccess is false and it crashes?!

Perhaps someone who is even deeper in this system read this and have an idea what the issue really is and how it is possible to fix it.