Lag for animation blueprint in VR

Hi everyone,

I have made a wonderful animation blueprint for VR, but experiencing big lag between my physical controller and my Body Awareness hand. It is even more laggy than not using the Motion Controller Low Latency Update.

I tried several approach, try to update the parameters of my anim blueprint at every update tick group I can (pre physics, post update work, …), nothing works.

Is there any option to make my anim blueprint high priority or something ?

Thanks for your help and knowledge sharing !

Ok, I see that the Motion Controller is using PreRenderViewFamily_RenderThread… Is there a way to use it inside blueprint ?
I might use this to send new position to the anim blueprint…

I made an Event callback to Blueprint from PreRenderViewFamily_RenderThread function.
It is working, callback are made, buuut it make the editor crash after several minutes, issue between the render and the game thread I think.
It also instantly crash if I change scale of an object, but not position or rotation.