LadyBug Tracker - Mantis Integration


LadyBug Tracker - Mantis Integration

**Video: LadyBug Tracker - Mantis Integration


LadyBug Tracker is a plugin that integrates MantisBT with the UnrealEngine. Thanks to this plugin handling bugs will be more convenient and it will significantly boost your efficiency. Forget about constant switching between the Unreal Engine editor and browser tab with Mantis BT opened. Conveniently view and edit details of reported issues inside Unreal Engine editor. Browse the issues directly in the level viewport. Report a bug straight from the editor and game. Create blueprints that automate reporting bugs for you.

For more technical details, read the Documentation. Technical Details


  • Browsing issues with a fast and powerful filtering.
  • 3D markers. View issue markers on a level.
  • “Go to” button. One click to open level in the location associated with the issue.
  • Editing issues details.
  • Reporting issues in the game.
  • Reporting issues in the editor.
  • Reporting crashes.
  • Capturing screenshots and logs.
  • Capturing level and camera position.
  • Automatic filling fields in.
  • Editing screenshots.
  • Pending issues list. Complete new issues details before submitting.
  • Viewing issue details (general fields, custom fields, notes, attachments, history).
  • Adding notes.