Ladder doesn't work after I modified an instance

I’m starting to use ADK/UDK and a I love them!

I have a problem with ladder, I made a copy of ladder_metal (structure) onto my project, and I changed the size and it doesn’t work as I think and I discarted but something weirs happened, the new ladders doesn’t work :frowning:

I don’t know for what reason doesn’t work, but I have two instance on my mod test map the “same” ladder the old one works (and new copies about it works too), but the new ones no (from content browser).

you can see the issue:

I reinstalled ADK (with a initial backup) and it replace all files on “EPIC\ARKDevKit”, and I add the ladder over the test map and doesn’t work again :(, but I open my backup (just the mod folder), I have the two ladders and I said before one works another one nop.

I think I need to rebuild or clean something, but I don’t know what :(, please help!, thank you!

I removed the folder ARKDevKit\Engine\DerivedDataCache and after 4 hours of compilations, doesn’t work :frowning: