Ladder BP help

So I followed this BP and put it in my character BP but the ladder is not working right at all.


I did fix the mistake in the above image and added a get forward vector and get Right Vector.

My problem is when I touch the ladder my character just stops moving at the bottom of the ladder and slides around on his feet.

If I jump into the ladder my char will just stop in mid air and i can only move backwards, can’t go up the ladder at all.

Trying to use this for the 3rd person template.

At no point in you blueprint are you moving your character up. You need to add movement input on the Z axis to move the character up.

Re-tried this BP and it works except I have to look up with my mouse in order for the guy to walk up the ladder, and still he will walk backwards and fall off, is there anyway to make him attached to the ladder so I can’t walk backwards and fall off?

If it was me and i wanted something quick id probably put in a state that says your on a Ladder and then disable any inputs you dont want to affect the character while hes on a ladder.

So if im on a ladder i can only move up or down, not on any other axis as those inputs would be disabled while on the ladder.