Ladder and Elevator Support

I am amazed that we’ve reached the tenth version of this engine with no ladder or elevator that I can find. Why can’t we get these features implement in engine?

That’s not really a feature, that’s a gameplay element that you would normally handle yourself.

OK, so it’s a gameplay element. It should still be in the engine. They are fundamental items.

Not necessarily. What ladders and elevators would you use in a puzzle game?
All engine features are aimed to be game type agnostic. And ladders and elevators are far from that.

projectile or character movement component, vehicle in puzzle game?
even more, puzzle game on UE4 ?

The vehicle is a template, not a game engine core function.
However, there are some things that arent game agnostic, like pain causing volumes, etc. It still shows UEs origin as a shooter engine.
But generally, the features should be independent of a specific game type.
UE4 has everything you need for ladders and lifts already.

why not?

Ladders and Elevators aren’t difficult to implement. An elevator only takes like 10mins to make in Blueprint.

The problem with ladders is that there are so many ways a ladder could work, like what happends when you turn 180 on a ladder? do you fall off or does the player hold on? can you aim on a ladder? ladders for 3rd and 1st person games are different to.

btw, isn’t there are some sort of elevator aka “moving platform” in paper 2d
i remember from my very first ue4 tutorial, i used something like that.

There might be one in paper 2d. Since I do my work in FPS, I’m not sure that would help.

What makes the most sense to me is that they already have working elevator code in Unreal Tournament. Why not bring that code into the 4.11 build of the engine and make it a standard feature. Likewise, when one of their applications needs ladders (i.e. Spyjinx, Fortnite, Paragon, UT2015) just make it a new part of the engine. Of course, if there’s an indie partner that made ladders, maybe that could be included into the engine.

Because it’s not a feature. There’s many ways that you might want to control that type of thing so it’d be useless to try and make one standard.