Lack of VFX documentation

Hi, we are in complete about VFX, please consider creating a documentation and tutorials on particles and vfx.


It’s been known for quite some time that Niagara (Cascade’s VFX replacement) was in the works. For a long time, there hasn’t been any need for continuing documenting Cascade since it’s not been adding any new features and writing tutorials for the system at this point is counterproductive. As we move beyond it and into the new system, we’ll be adding new documentation for it as it progresses. You likely won’t see any significant progression in the documentation for VFX for a couple more Engine releases though. Keep an eye out for the Major release and release notes. We’ll (try our best!) to link new documentation on these dates as features are announced.

If you have any suggestions you’d like to add, we can definitely take these into consideration when we start working on that documentation! :slight_smile:

if you want more info about Cascade check out the resource page on :slight_smile:
hm… will need to update that website sometime soon, and even more when niagara comes along.

And for Cascades right now the Luos tutorials are like the Holy Grail to start with :slight_smile:

awww thanks :slight_smile: