Lack of documentation by creators selling their assets


I have been purchasing many things from the asset store, such as weapons, characters, cities, and a bunch of other stuff. However one thing I notice is that the products don’t provide much info at all as how to use it. For example, the Prototype Weapons pack does not have a tutorial showing how you can add the weapon the a character or a character in the existing default templates. I know with unity, it was pretty much required and expected to have a manual of sorts with the download and to have a support website.

But my primary question is are there any GOOD tutorials out there that show how to add the gun in the FPS example given by unreal? I’ve searched and seen some videos on youtube but they are pretty difficult to follow, and they usually are trying to do complicated things other than a simple weapon switch.

Are those meshes or skeletal meshes? :slight_smile:

It would be cool if Epic could somehow implement a marketplace documentation portion for sellers, that way we have a hub to provide the information in one organized place for consumers. Not sure how likely that is to happen though.

Hey Malospam,

Thank you for your request for additional documentation from downloadable content. I have submitted a report to have this section considered and hopefully implemented. If for any reason you need to reference this report, please refer to: UEMKTP-299


Great Samantha thanks!