lack of controls

Hi guys i am currently making a third person game in which the player has the ability to jump sprint and crawl … however im wondering how to go about making the controls intuitive as i currently only have 2 virtual joysticks .one of those is used to control the camera … So obviously i need to dump manual camera control and use that stick for the crawl/sprint/jump <is this even possible … or do i need to reduce the amount of actions available to the player ?? any ideas guys im realy struggling with this …its my first android project heck its my first serious project full stop

Is there a reason you can’t add some UMG buttons and use them for crawl/sprint/jump, and you need to only have the 2 virtual joysticks?

HAHAHA sorry i simply have not done it before i built this project from the third person template and so i have the android controls that were set up with that … i will look into replacing the right virtual stick with maybe 3/4 buttons. i do have a spring arm that attaches my camera to my player … im concerned that im going to have a game with a terrible camera

You can have both virtual joysticks and add buttons too. Look at forums and documentation, i think you can find how to add custom virtual joysticks.