lack of content?

Hi, i have recently started to use UE4 but i can’t really make anything but empty rooms with stock textures because i have no items and everything costs so much to buy :confused:

im currently a student so i don’t have much money (none to spare on UE4 content) and i was wondering if there is somewhere that i can get free items such as trees, chairs, textures, shelves, barrels, foliage and other stuff to fill out a scene because in the marketplace there is virtually nothing free.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

there is quite a lot of free stuff(including some of the things you mentioned) in the learn tab of the launcher. you could also take a look at the community content section of the forum, there is many threads with free stuff like fighter’s foliage starter pack.

hope that helps:)

Thank you! im new to the forum and stuff so i didn’t know there was content to get on the forums, thank you that did help very much :slight_smile:

Hi Flanelman, without funds, content will always be issue unless you develop skills to make it yourself. I learned this hard way. I picked up a FREE copy of Blender3D and now I’m learning modeling and animation. Its extremely powerful software, easy-to-use, and there is a plythora of tutorials out there for it. I’m actually having fun, and just learned how to add materials and texture last night. Imported the FBX with no problems. Practice makes perfect. Good Luck.

Turbosquid has some great 3D models for free that have an extended royalty free license.

Thanks man i’ll have a look into it :slight_smile:

Also, i just downloaded a file with some models in it, does anyone know how to upload them into an existing project?

Either Import them, using the Content Browser,in Unreal Engine, or copy-and-paste them into your project using Windows Explorer and (re)start Unreal Engine.

thanks, which files do i import? Is there a way to import all? i clicked import from the content option in my UE project and all the folders where empty in the downloaded rar package

Which file types do you have? Also another thing you can try is to drag your file into the content browser.

ini’s, UASSETS’s and UMAP’s

For those, you can just drag them into their respective folders, .ini files usually go into the config folder, and the other’s can go wherever you want.

what about FBX files and TGA? thanks for the help btw :slight_smile:

also bin files?

can i just copy these into the main directory of the UE4 folder? :slight_smile:

You have to import them with the “import” button in the content browser or drag and drop them into the content browser → fbx, obj, png, tga, jpg,… :slight_smile:

It is not free ($15) but I really recommend SuperGrid from the marketplace. You can easily do a lot of stuff with it.

Is there a way to search the market place to find it? i can’t find it :frowning:

Also, thank you everyone your help is very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Here you can search for it: :slight_smile:

Haha, was not expecting to see comment about SuperGrid here, but nice, thank you! :slight_smile:
Well, asset pack in my signature and search exist only(currently) in web version of Marketplace

Also, check out Learn tab in Launcher - there is a toooon of free to use(even commercially) assets in demos and examples

i downlaoded like the apartment one and stuff hoping to steal the couches and stuff haha but i couldn’t figure out how to do it :slight_smile:

Migration tool to the rescue!

Legend! haha i have another question i made a seperate thread in the animation bit but no ones responded so i thought i might ask you guys as well.

Q) When you open top down and play you can run and jump etc, but when you go to create a new level you cant do any of this and in the blue print bit when you can run/jump there isn’t anything there so i cant copy the animations over or anything so i was wondering how do i make it so i can move in top down on a default level?