Labyrinth - Multiplayer FPS test-bed map. Thoughts?

First off, I appreciate your time to take a look at my first attempt at creating a test-bed environment for my upcoming Sci-Fi PvP FPS. I still have more than a ton to learn, but I thought I’d get some feedback from the community as I go. I will try my best to keep everyone up to date with future progress, but here’s your first look at “Labyrinth” (WIP).

Labyrinth was created solely with assets/modified assets from the Elemental and Particle Effects demo. I apologize for the low quality sound (I left my mic on by accident) and jumpy mouse movements, but it was a quick recording simply for feedback purposes. The audio is very accurate and immersive, but unfortunately it sounds like total **** in the video. I just built the lighting and somehow it didn’t save, so I decided to be lazy and record it without lighting built, but final bake will look very similar but obviously better. You’ll be seeing just over half of the map. There are lower and higher levels, but I didn’t want to make the video too long.

Enjoy :]

Excellent Work and effective reuse of the Elemental and Particle Effects assets. The layout looks painstaking and I personally cringe at the thought of manually laying it out. Have you considered any procedural generation?

Thanks! I considered it, but I absolutely love designing maps creating my own worlds, so I canceled that idea out. Many more to come :]

You can always take the semi-procedural approach in which you can use half manual/half procedural generation (ie: procedural generate areas that you manually customize OR generate *some *areas procedurally while manually constructing others). The value added would be a massive time savings.

There are many procedural generation techniques to choose from and they aren’t difficult to implement. I’m using a Depth First Search method for Labyrinth construction in my Dungeon Crawler Hybrid. Considering Cellular Automa technique to apply stones/rocks other non-orthogonal decor to the floor and walls.

Again, I have to restate your re-utilization of the Assets from Elemental and Particle Effects is effective. Rocks and Stones are considered to be generic assets and often believed to be ignored by players, but, in a level that heavily repeats them throughout, cannot be ignored. Getting generic rocks/stone feel unique in this type of level design is crucial and you pull it off. Look forward to what you’ll create next.

Hmm, it could be a very valuable method for saving time, and it could also give me new ideas that I potentially wouldn’t have seen otherwise. I’ll check it out, but I’m going to try to stay on the path of unique as much as possible. Appreciate the kind words, TechLord!