Labyrinth - Looking for Programmer/ Co-Founder

Hello everyone, my name is Talal and I am a Graphic Designer and Service Designer.

Since last year, a programmer and I have been working on a prototype as a proof of concept for a video game that I have designed on paper, which would help us follow through with funding (kickstarter) to develop the full game thereafter.
The idea’s mechanics are complex and have no precedent which caused us to go through an initial first draft, which helped us understand what the idea required.
It took us a long time to achieve that due to the fact that my Programmer was also juggling several other projects at the same time in order to support his family.
Eventually, we decided on rebuilding the game from the ground up, but unfortunately my programmer has been quite busy with other projects as well as real life.

And so to that end, I’m looking for a fairly experienced **programmer (in Blueprint is fine and C++ is a plus) **that would be capable of fleshing out a complex idea and turn it into a playable multiplayer prototype. I wouldn’t turn away any sort of talent that would be also suitable to the project including but not limited to: 3D animation/ modeling, VFX, 2D concept art.

The idea for the full game in its entirety is very ambitious: A PC based online hardcore multiplayer and action adventure spellcasting game set in a magical world that is modular and non-linear in narrative or player progression. But we would start small by focusing on the combat mechanics, in a 1v1 duel scenario.

Add me on Discord: Tullu#9188
We can talk about the project in more detail.

Thank you!

Original Artwork: