Label position/alignment in Panels

Inspired by a talk about GameDev Tools UX I noticed that the UE editor is using left-align labels for properties in its panels.

Following the argument of keeping the relevant information close together to reduce eye movement, it appears aligning labels on the left is the worst possible route to go. Therefore I want to suggest aligning the labels on the right instead (as putting them on top probably wastes too much vertical space?). Or is this already possible by an editor setting? I couldn’t find anything about it because my search results where full with UMG/Slate text alignment :smiley:

Here is further evidence that this is better for the user experience: forms - Why might right aligned field labels be better? - User Experience Stack Exchange
One of the comments there notes:

Any other opinions on the topic are welcome. :slight_smile:

Hi zaha, I thought about moving the labels from being left-aligned to right aligned and did some testing. The first thing that I noticed is that check boxes next to the labels wouldn’t be be aligned anymore, together with the expansion button for struct groups which would be more annoying to read as you wouldn’t be able to tell anymore at a glance that things are associated with each other (currently they are all aligned the same). Additionally what to do with really long labels? I’m sure that more issues would pop up that would need to be addressed and I think the potential better solution would be to redesign the entire panel as I have additional issues with how certain things look inside it. Cheers,